Blue Ocean Institute's FishPhone


Blue Ocean Institute wanted to bring its Fish Phone SMS text-based application to the iPhone. Blue Ocean Institute's sustainability fish rating system has recently been popularized through a partnership with Whole Foods Market.


"Brought to you by the organization that provides ratings for Whole Foods, the Blue Ocean Institute’s FishPhone app is top-notch. Like Seafood Watch, the guide includes a ranking system and suggestions on alternatives to over-fished species. Unlike Seafood Watch, this guide offers five categories instead of three: “relatively abundant” (green), “somewhat abundant” (light green), “somewhat problematic” (yellow), “low abundance” (orange) and “problematic” (red). It also offers recipes and wine pairings to complement select seafood. The guide doesn’t provide regional information about fish you’re likely to find in your local market or which restaurants have sustainable options. But overall it’s a great app with a sweet price tag. Free."
- Forbes, October 2013


Top 3 Sustainable Seafood Apps - Forbes Magazine


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