Scale is a new kind of agency: a distributed team model. The team is dispersed across the US and since 2006 we have been serving local, regional and national clients. Our collaboration spans more than just these few years—some of us have been working together for over a decade. Much of the time we'll hold our client meetings on the phone while sending a webcast of the work to your screen. But sometimes there's no replacement for an in-person meeting. If that's the case, we'll be there.

Scale was founded in 2006 by Lee Lance. At the Scale Core you'll find over 15 years of experience in integrated traditional and interactive / digital communications. Lee hails from Asheville, North Carolina and is your connection to the rest of the team. He was previously the managing director of a Washington, DC-based interactive advertising agency. Prior to this, he directed the interactive group at another top DC design firm. Before relocating to the east coast, he spent four years in San Francisco working during the height of the (first) dot-com craze, participating in and learning from the development of cutting-edge best practices. Lee began his advertising career learning from best-of-class creatives and strategists at a Cleveland agency, collaborating to help the firm get an early start in interactive communications.

The Scale Network is made up of some of the best traditional and interactive designers, writers and developers in the country—bringing the quality and sophistication of a larger agency within reach of small-to-medium businesses. The Scale Network has also worked with well-known brands: Apple, Adobe, AOL, Nike, Microsoft, Shell, HP and many more.

Scale works with businesses marketing to other businesses, businesses marketing directly to consumers, and as a boutique partner supporting larger agencies. Whatever your advertising campaign demands in order to best reach your audience, Scale assembles the right team for the job to ensure that each client's communications goals are achieved.